The Emotional Support Fries are here to sizzle their way into homes and classrooms to blend playfulness and social-emotional learning (SEL). These plush fries are tiny companions that encourage conversation around feelings in a fun and interactive manner, while also opening the door to imaginative play with younger children.

There are five plush fries, each removable and with their own unique facial expression and personality: surprised, silly, cool, content, and lovable. Children engaged in discussions about feelings, handing out fries, matching them to the person it embodied most, and naming each of the emotions. This interactive dialogue fosters empathy, helping children recognize and relate to the emotions of others, and helped to develop their own emotional vocabulary.

Emotional Support Fries are perfect ingredients for imaginative play with younger children. Fries became characters in stories, partners in pretend cooking adventures, and friends in imaginative worlds. Through play, children can explore themes of friendship, cooperation, and understanding, deepening their social skills.

The Emotional Support Fries are SEL in a box. They’re catalysts for nurturing empathy, emotional vocabulary, and imaginative play. Through these playful fries, children work to understand others and explore emotions. Prepare to fry up some fun!

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