Erggs’ Crash Arena is an innovative magnetic construction set that sparks creativity and nurtures multiple play patterns that build language, cognitive, and social-emotional skills. It combines verbal and physical problem-solving, encourages storytelling with characters (this Ogg/Ergg duo might be my favorite!), and offers multiple build ideas and story prompts, providing a holistic learning experience.

Squaregles is a universe of Oggs and Erggs that create wild buildings and contraptions and lives lives of adventure. They’re dynamic in their skills, personalities, and their heads even pop off (great for play as a marble run!). They’re also the stars of the story as kids create magnetic builds, scenes and obstacles for Oggs and Errgs to discover.

The Erggs’ Crash Arena is unique because it includes a launcher — Yes! A launcher! for cars and heads to ride with a blast. It also introduces a unique blend of verbal and physical problem-solving challenges. Children must articulate their ideas, communicate with peers, and plan their constructions verbally. Simultaneously, they engage in hands-on, physical problem-solving as they experiment with the magnetic pieces to bring their ideas to life. This dual approach enhances communication skills but also promotes spatial awareness and critical thinking.

Erggs’ Crash Arena goes beyond traditional construction toys by incorporating Oggs and Erggs  that invite storytelling into the play experience. Children are encouraged to develop stories around their constructions, fostering creativity, imagination, and language development. This storytelling element transforms the playtime into a dynamic learning opportunity, as children weave narratives and express their ideas in a fun and interactive way.

The variety of suggested constructions not only keeps playtime fresh and exciting but also serves as inspiration for children to explore different design possibilities. The accompanying story prompts provide a scaffold for imaginative narratives, helping children develop the ability to structure and articulate their thoughts in a cohesive way.

Erggs’ Crash Arena excels at integrating verbal and physical problem-solving, storytelling, and providing lots of build ideas. Squaregles promotes STEM and MESH-related skills through construction, language development, creativity, and social skills through collaborative storytelling. The versatile nature of the set allows for continuous learning, ensuring that children are engaged and challenged as they explore endless possibilities.

Available soon at Squaregles