Everybody Loves Acorn Soup is one of Peaceable Kingdom’s newest board books. This story is a fantastic supplement to the Acorn Soup game, or a stand alone read to encourage language and early math concepts.

Books are an incredible way to help foster language, social, and cognitive development. The repetition and rhythmic language in Everybody Loves Acorn Soup encourages word repetition and is interactive. The book describes all the ingredients needed to make (and share!) a delicious acorn soup.

“… 3 ripe acorns, CHOP CHOP CHOP… 4 fresh flowers, PLOP PLOP PLOP.”

When reading the story with an eager 2 year old, she enjoyed acting out the different verbs in the story. We washed, mixed, and squished. Our toddler loved imitating the words in the book, which were simple and repetitive.

We practiced pointing and counting to the ingredients to introduce early math concepts like one-to-one correspondence and number recognition. Everybody Loves Acorn Soup was great for early sequencing and storytelling as we read the book over and over.  Your child will love this interactive and fun board book that promotes language, counting and learning!

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