Every parent can speak to the enchanting imaginative play that children engage in when they have a stuffed animal that they love. Fab Pals are high-quality plush options that can withstand any car ride, night snuggle, dance party, or adventure. GUND has created fun and exotic plush toys that will appeal to older children too as their interest in new animals grows. 

Fab Pals features Rylee, the wise snow owl, Romana the queen gorilla, and Roswell the lackadaisical three-toed sloth. Each Fab Pal has luxe plush fur that sticks up and is great for petting and extra loving. Our 4-year-old toy tester noted “when you shake her [Ramona], her fur gets even fluffier!” during a dance session. Imaginative play with Ramona continued as they practiced doing all “gorilla things” like eating bananas, swinging on trees [jumping on couches], and of course some chest banging.

These simple and familiar play schemas are the beginning of developing abstract thought, which is when children use language to describe events or experiences. They take knowledge that they already have (e.g. gorillas eat bananas and swing on trees) and adapt it to reproduce their own ideas. Ramona and the rest of the Fab Pals are great friends to bring into play as your child develops these critical cognitive skills.