Preschoolers love this goofy, orange, furry creature wearing black high-tops with his signature “W” on them. His sign to “FEED ME” cannot be ignored as kids load up their spoon with wacky snack tokens like toenail toast or spider-egg pudding and make their way to the Woozle without dropping their loot, depositing them in his wide open mouth. Three levels of cooperative play provide a perfect starter game for young kids that is just as much fun for older siblings to join in too. Three year-olds roll the die, count up the snacks to place on the spoon and walk carefully to feed the Woozle. Level 2 ups the ante for 4-5 year-olds as they use the spinner to direct how to move toward the Woozle–hula dance, bunny hop, spin, march, walk backwards or go crazy! My little tester said, “You don’t want Go Crazy” after dropping her tokens in a frenzy of fun. Get out the blindfold for the third level, as you play with your eyes closed, relying on other players to verbally direct you to Woozle’s mouth. Here’s a tip–let’s hope your fellow players know right and left. Kids loved collecting Yummy Cards for every food token successfully eaten. Kids’ cooperative play builds confidence and language skills as players help one another to achieve success, brainstorming solutions, offering advice, and encouraging one another. Let’s face it, it gets preschoolers ready for the boardroom.

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