The Find and Seek Scavenger Hunt Card game is an entertaining on-the-go game, and has plenty of play value and versatility. Kids can hunt inside on rainy days or outside when they need more fresh air. They can play cooperatively and work together or competitively. Either way, the 25 unique scavenger hunt cards are great for building language and vocabulary.

Each card has a different adjective, that is great for building vocabulary. Familiar words that describe colors (green, pink, orange), textures (hard, soft, slippery), and shape and size (round, square, teeny). However, there were some words that were unfamiliar to our younger players like bristly, fresh, and creepy. It was the perfect way to identify synonyms and use visual picture cues from the card to infer meanings. 

The instruction cards suggest three different ways to play. Game #1 is Find & Seek where each player is dealt 5 cards and races to be the first to find matching items of their specific cards. During Game #2, Back in a Flash, one card in the deck is flipped over and players race to find the item that matches first. Game #3 is when each player is dealt three cards and The second instruction card is are rules and reminders of how to treat nature (e.g. letting plants grow and living things roam without picking up to show). 

Find & Seek Scavenger Hunt cards were also great for using language to describe items. The flower was pink (target card) and smooth. We awarded bonus points for using other adjectives in the deck. Since part of rule play was to respect nature, this brought on a new language descriptions as children had to provide a detailed answer of where their item was located (e.g. “Next to the tall tree by the wall”). The scavenger hunt was fun, engaging, and got kids talking and moving at the same time.