Shark AlarmRavensburger’s Disney Pixar 73-piece puzzle features a large shark baring his teeth surrounded by some of our favorite “Finding Nemo” friends. Kids loved assembling the puzzle from the dark murky bottom up to the lighter ocean surface with a backdrop of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. As they came upon one of the 9 “surprise flaps” they opened it and read (or were read to) about Squirt, Gill, Crush,  and others. Designed for 5 years and up, this puzzle becomes a collaborative effort when kids ask a “reader” to let them in on the fun messages about the characters. My little friend requested, “Ok, read this one please!” as he came upon a surprise piece. As a language expert, I appreciate the strong vocabulary used to describe Gill as “the maverick of the dentist’s office fish tank” and “the leader of an eclectic gang of tropical fish who are drawn to his magnetic personality,” or Bloat who “tried to maintain a sunny disposition but soon everything gets blown out of proportion.” These highlighted personalities and their resumes provide lots to talk about as kids assemble their puzzle over and over!

Available at Ravensburger: Click here