Tuck this little,  flat Tyvek game into your pocket and you can laugh, talk, act out and sing through the 96 challenges. Designed like the fortune-telling cootie catchers that kids have been creating over the generations to have some fun, Flapz is played as kids pick a number between 1 and 12 and a designated child moves her fingers in the folded corners to come up with 4 colors to then choose from. After a color is selected there is another countdown to find the challenge to pose. The challenges range from active to inactive, with plenty of language learning as kids are instructed to “announce the daily specials at a restaurant for witches and goblins,” “give your imaginary child a lecture on manners,” or “pretend you are a weatherperson on TV and describe today’s weather.” Flapz mixes in play involving storytelling, role-playing, blinking contests, spelling, physical challenges and more. Just slip this into your pocket before a long car ride or wait at the doctor’s office next time. Time might just fly.

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