Babies learn about the world around them through each of their senses. They’re listening to our words, seeing our faces, and exploring with their hands and mouths (!!) everyday. The Flower Whistle is a fun addition to your little one’s playtime as it combines sensory learning with speech and language development.

The Flower Whistle is a 2-way whistle with 360 degree handles, easy for tiny hands to grasp and hold. It’s a colorful flower that stimulates curiosity and engagement. It teaches cause and effect relationships as a child blows into the toy. They love the immediate gratification of producing sound and surprising their caregivers! This cause-and-effect mechanism lays the foundation for understanding basic concepts of action and reaction, which fosters cognitive development.

Babies also learn breath control as they practice using the Flower Whistle. Blowing can be particularly beneficial as it helps them develop the necessary breath support for speech production. Caregivers can provide strong language enrichment during play, as well. As children play with the toy, they can learn a variety of vocabulary like verbs (blow, hear) and adjectives (loud, soft, surprise, silly).

ToyLab’s Flower Whistle offers numerous benefits for baby’s development. It’s a fun addition into play routines to support holistic development in babies.

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