81aMUjGixML._SL1200_My little friend immediately picked up the Black Dragon Puppet and was mesmerized. With the potential to be fierce (lots of hissing was going on) , this dragon is adorable in some ways too. His clear orange eyes catch the light and seem to want to be spoken to. Kids had lots to animate with the arms , red velvet mouth and even the moveable forked tongue! Pull the string on his back and the wings take flight.  My little friend just sat for a long time communicating with him eye to eye and moving his mouth. The attached story, “The Knight and the Dragon” told of little prince Cieryn who came upon the last known black dragon while exploring a cavern. Rather than facing a fierce creature, he met a lonely friend who had been living in darkness below to avoid sunlight. The two became friends and returned to a life at the castle. Now our dragon had a sweet character to inspire a child’s story. Puppets release a child’s imagination to become a creative storyteller, practicing important literacy skills that contributing to successful reading and writing. After an extended time playing with his dragon, I asked my friend where he was? “In my room,” he said. Apparently he wanted to keep him!

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