This wacky Foozlephone makes me laugh just listening to the descriptive names for its parts–Crinkle Coils that stretch to 9 feet long, a “Jibbity Jabber” oversized mouthpiece funnel and the “Amplifoozer” at the other end that makes little sounds BIG. Kids will love sending secret messages from their tent,  calling in orders to the food truck chef, or playing games listening to sounds to match with letters. Speech therapists successfully use sound-boosting tubes to hone kids’ listening skills, emphasize differences in sound productions, and encourage following directions. In the hands of kids it also becomes a prop for pretend play with unlimited options. Sending messages, giving directions and listening intently all build important speech and language skills as kids have a load of fun with their Foozlephone. This toy was hands down the favorite one I brought to a preschool class!

Available at Mindware. Click here