The Furry Fidget Friend is an adorable companion that helps your kiddo focus their attention for improved productivity too. Tangle provides a rich sensory experience through subtle movements and textures of the hand while fostering improved focus and attention in children.

Collect all 5 Furry Fidget Friends! Our toy testers tangled Wisdom and Zonk on their wrists, using them as pets in their pretend play scenarios. It encouraged imaginative exploration, transforming them into companions for their make-believe adventures. A new pet, a shy friend,  a sidekick on a quest, and avid participants in a tea party.

Engaging in imaginative play helps children develop crucial cognitive skills such as creativity, problem-solving, and social interaction. The Furry Fidget Friend, with its soft and huggable form, is perfect for these imaginative journeys, fostering emotional development and providing comfort.

Research shows that fidgeting can actually enhance focus and attention in various learning environments. For some, fidget toys can serve as an effective tool to channel that extra energy that so many kids have, in a positive way. The tactile stimulation provided by the Furry Fidget Friend can create a calming effect, allowing kids to better engage with tasks at hand.

Tangle’s Furry Fidget Friend has a soft, furry exterior that invites touch and exploration (and even a cuddle!). The textures offer tactile fun, promoting sensory awareness and fine motor skills. As children play with their Furry Fidget Friend, they experience the benefits of tactile stimulation and can develop a heightened sense of focus.

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