Ahoy Cat Friends! Time to board the ship with Gabby and MerCat on Gabby Cat Friend Ship. This playset attaches perfectly to the second story of Gabby’s Purrfect Dollhouse or is great on its own. It’s ready to sail the seas of imagination and anchor essential language skills through imaginative play and storytelling.

The Gabby Cat Friend Ship includes over 15 accessories, purr-fect for all play scenarios on the ship. The upper deck is equipped with a pool and diving board, lounging deck and steps, and of course a sun umbrella. The pool is removable (easy filling and emptying) and even changes color when filled with warm water. Below deck is great for dining with Gabby and MerCat but also doubles as a disco dance floor and photo booth.

With so many different props, it allows storytelling to develop different plots. It’s truly a Gabby world of imaginative play, where fans create role-playing scenarios and invent dialogues and sequences, all while naturally building their vocabulary and language skills. Describing the ship’s adventures, characters, and settings encourages expressive language, enhancing their ability to communicate effectively and confidently.

Kids loved recreating familiar storylines from Gabby’s Dollhouse episodes. They loved taking knowledge from Gabby and MerCat’s friendship and conversations and bringing that right to the cruise ship. They practiced both independent and cooperative play by acting out characters, and developing their own narratives based on episodes… or their own ideas!

Caregivers will also love the self-storing feature of the Gabby Cat Friend Ship. All components neatly fit within the ship, ensuring easy cleanup and organization. Additionally, the compatibility with Gabby’s Purrfect Dollhouse creates a seamless integration of playsets, allowing for expanded imaginative play possibilities.

Gabby’s Dollhouse Gabby Cat Friend Ship is purr-fect for building language skills, recreating familiar story plots, and expressing creativity. It empowers children to express themselves, develop their vocabulary, and engage in creative storytelling. So set sail on a voyage of language and imagination.

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