Getting ready for preschool is a big step for kids and parents! This thematic kit provides a complete developmental learning experience while playing and engaging with their favorite person… You!

The Get Ready for Preschool with Monkey Around box includes six different play activities, all focused on a different skill area. For gross motor play, choose a Monkey Around card and complete an action with the beanbag banana. Will you balance the banana on your head? Or maybe practice hand-eye coordination by tossing the banana back and fourth with a partner!

To develop fine motor skills, children can practice lacing beads on a string. Those same chunky wooden beads are used to complete the puzzle. Puzzles are a great learning tool. They are a fun and rewarding way to teach patience, persistence, and spatial awareness as they rotate pieces to fit in their spots.

Children can also practice social-emotional development with the magnetic monkey face. Different magnets show different expressions, which can help them share their own feelings and teach empathy.

The kit also includes a board book and matching game cards. Each of these activities fosters language development and language learning. Kids are learning new words through reading, playing, and moving. They are exploring different ways to connect and develop independence and confidence as they get ready for preschool.

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