Go! Go!Come join a rescue mission with Freddie Firetruck and sister Chrissy as they slide down the circular chute to be off on their adventure, based on the Netflix series of Cory Carson’s adventures. At the bottom of the slide, activate the PlayZone to hear a variety of unique phrases, “I’m on the way,” stimulating responses from kids playing along. Another spot at the Firehouse door is activated by auxiliary SmartPoint¬† characters for added commentary, songs and lights. Kids love the show, “Go! Go! Cory Carson” and have become endeared to VTech’s little vehicle characters, using them to make up their own stories during pretend play, building language skills as they reference the show as a story-starter. Children are also building listening skills and attention as they pick up and repeat phrases and songs from the characters, related to the firehouse theme, and can carry on a conversation, advancing their pretend play.

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