Time for 90s nostalgia and squishing and playing with GooGames — a handheld, water based game that keeps kids busy as they reach different objectives in play. There are 3 different themes featuring fruits, gems and sprinkles. With interchangeable backgrounds and suggested levels of play, GooGames offers some hidden learning too!

Great for on-the-go, GooGames can be a fidget for calming moments and can also help develop fine motor skills. With two “buttons” on the bottom, it’s designed to be held with thumbs on top, fingers in the back. This position specifically focuses on opening up the thumb web space—a crucial aspect of hand dexterity. As children play, they’re promoting hand strength and some fine motor control. Mastering the art of the “half push” of a button was critical in almost wins for our toy testers.

There’s good versatility in GooGames too. Each game includes 2 additional game cards for swapping out. Additionally, each game card has 3 suggested levels of play: Easy, Advanced, and Expert. Some kids even invented their own challenges. This flexibility sparks innovation and nurtures problem-solving skills as children devise new ways to interact with the same game.

Each GooGame offers a slightly different challenge, so it’s worth collecting all three! Whether you’re adding up points from getting fruit in a basket, discovering treasure underwater, or decorating an ice cream cone — GooGames also offers a delightful sensory experience. The gooey texture provides a satisfying tactile sensation, stimulating the senses and enhancing tactile exploration. Fun and learning collide with encouraging creativity and dexterity.

Available at Amazon and Sky Castle Toys