Go’s Spiral Drop blends the fundamentals of construction and physics with the magic of imaginative storytelling and cooperative (or independent!) play. With 36 pieces — compatible with your other Squaregles sets — children experiment with square frames, jump tracks, ramps and the unique 180 degree spiral drop.

Our toy testers got straight to work, following visual instructions to recreate the box build and test out their tracks. While doing so, there was so much hidden learning inside. They learned about gravity, momentum, and cause-and-effect relationships in a hands-on, engaging manner. The process of designing a working track (for Ogg race cars and rolling Ogg heads) fostered critical thinking, revision and problem-solving, and other MESH skills. When a build doesn’t work quite as expected, children learn to analyze, make adjustments, and try again. This resilience teaches children that setbacks are opportunities for growth.

Squaregles is a portal to a world of imagination. Children take on the roles of Oggs create and solve problems, test hypotheses and weave narratives around their track creations. This element of pretend play enhances creativity and encourages empathy. They develop rich conversations and storytelling opportunities. promote language development, expanding vocabulary, and improving effective communication skills.

Go’s Spiral Drop by Squaregles is an adventure that stimulates minds on multiple levels. Through construction, imaginative play, language development, perseverance, and collaboration, Squaregles sets become a catalyst for developmental growth. As children play, they’re building storytelling, and problem-solving skills too.

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