Grandpa Kevin’s Updated Classic Fairytales is a collection of 5 familiar stories rewritten with exemplary rhythm, complex rhymes, and advanced language that will hook both parents and children. Author, Kevin J. Brougher, weaves advanced language with rich vocabulary and rhythmic storytelling in each fairytale.

Every page has a charming rhythm with recognizable and repeating patterns of rhymes. The melodic flow easily captivated a group of children from ages 2 to 10, as they listened to stories unfold. This rhythmic quality enhances children’s phonemic awareness, an essential skill for early literacy.

“Grandma,” she said

“there’s something I dread —

your hands look horribly wrong.

They’re big! They’re hairy —

really quite scary!

And, oh, they look so strong.”

Through the adventures of Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, the Three Littles Pigs, Chicken Little and the Gingerbread Man, a diverse vocabulary was introduced that expands their language development. In Grandpa Kevin’s stories, words come alive, fostering a love for book sharing, language and adventure.

Beyond the enchantment of the stories themselves, Grandpa Kevin’s Updated Classic Fairytales highlights the invaluable practice of reading aloud to children. This shared activity fosters a strong bond between the reader and the listener while providing a safe space for the child’s imagination to flow. Hearing well-crafted stories enhances children’s comprehension skills, vocabulary, and attention span. It ignites a love for books and learning, setting the stage for a lifelong passion for reading.

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