The Gymotion Circus Playland is a fantastic first baby toy because it provides multiple developmental benefits for your baby. It encourages exploration, benefitting cognitive, visual, and motor skills. It allows for caregivers to be right alongside their babies talking them through each unique activity.

This is a play mat that grows with your baby. That first year in a baby’s life are critical to setting the stage and building language, sensory, and motor skills. There are three stages of play that pair with your baby’s developmental stage.

Stage 1: Lay and Play

Stage 2: Tummy and Play

Stage 3: Sit and Play

Stage 1 is great for newborns as it provides a soft padded mat – a cozy and safe surface for your baby to lie on. Their gaze is met with the a motorized magical mobile that attaches to the padded arches above them, providing visual stimulation. Caregivers can offer rich vocabulary as they talk to their babies about the Merry-Go-Round horses running around.

Stage 2 is excellent for tummy time. It includes a double sided tummy time pillow and other accessories that keep babies engaged and interested while on their tummies. A mirror and the magical mobile that has two plush toys that attach. Babies will love watching the adorable red monkey ride back and fourth in his car that they’ll even forget they’re on their tummy.

Stage 3 is for the sitters, where they can explore all the features of the mat, understand cause and effect with moving toys, interact and talk about adorable circus friends on their mat and practice babbling as they “talk” all about their favorite animals.

There are so many fantastic features of this play mat, including the multi-textured toys, a mirror,  removable arches, easy fold and carry feature for travel and different modes that play music for relaxation of stimulation. This is everything that a caregiver needs to provide a rich language environment as they talk through play with their baby and baby experiences cognitive, visual, and motor benefits.