No need to leave your preschooler on the sidelines during Family Game Night. The whole gang will be laughing themselves silly as they try to match a hidden animal’s head tile to the correct body tile. If they don’t watch on their turn then all the players walk around the circle moving like the pictured animal body and making the noises of the animal whose head is pictured. Big brother got in a low crouch to hop like a frog while saying “neigh” for the horse! Try to concentrate on your moves and sounds when everyone is so silly! Our elephant face was paired with a T-Rex body and dog head with a chicken body. Kids had to think a minute how to portray their animal and then perform both tasks at the same time. There were lots of suggestions and instructions being passed back and forth as players started around the circle. Players tap into memory, matching, motor planning, and speech and language skills as they hop, gallop, slither, and strut around the circle practicing their animals sounds. What a fun way to learn!

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