MindWare’s Home Grown Growing Kit is for simultaneously nurturing plants and young minds. This kit blends gardening with valuable lessons in science, nature, and responsibility. Eager gardeners learn how to grow their own plants without every buying a seed and rather using actual vegetables.

The Home Grown Growing Kit is a hands-on science laboratory in disguise. In the included in-depth Gardner’s Guide, kids learn new vocabulary and concepts like sprout, germination, photosynthesis, hydroponics, and propagation. They learn about the various stages of a plant’s life cycle and can make observations, predictions and draw conclusions. They’re essentially learning through scientific exploration. Learning through hands-on experiences enriches vocabulary and language development. Children learn plant anatomy, growth stages, and environmental factors.

Our gardeners really enjoyed the experience of growing plants hydroponically and then transplanting into soil. They were keen to make daily observations as they related experience to new learned concepts. There was even an instance of an early harvest to make and eat a “home grown salad.”

Beyond scientific knowledge, this kit helps teach lessons about nature and nutrition. They begin to understand where food comes from and the importance of nurturing plants. The responsibility of caring for their mini garden gives accountability, teaching them the value of patience, care, and dedication.

MindWare’s Home Grown Growing Kit is a fun educational experience that grows language development and critical thinking through hands-on scientific exploration. It’s for cultivating plants in different forms and building an appreciation for nature.

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