Mindware HucklebeeOf all the age groups, parents most frequently ask me for the best toys for toddlers. These cute miniature people are learning to explore their world, have a tantrum and make their needs known. Hucklebee is the perfect toy for learning fun and interaction with Mom or Dad, with 50 suggested activity cards to teach colors, shapes, counting, body parts, action words and imaginative play. Activities range in difficulty starting with single one-step directions like “Give Hucklebee a hug” or “Rub noses with Hucklebee” and move to cards with two directions, adding a  follow-up direction that relates Hucklebee to your child. “Find something purple on Hucklebee” and “Then find something around you that is purple,” or “Shake Hucklebee” and “Then shake yourself all over.” This ups the language learning as your child follows a direction on the bee and then relates the learning concept to his own body or experience. Finally, there are some activity cards that ask for your child’s verbal response, “Tell Hucklebee a story,” or “Look out the window with Hucklebee. What do you see?” Hucklebee is a fast friend who grows with your child from toddlers to preschoolers as their language ability increases, and they can talk to Hucklebee and even tell him a story.

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