What fun it is to include a 3-year-old in family game night. Once we explained to him that the mole will eat his vegetables and he got the idea that it is best to get rid of the mole, we were on our way to fun game play. Setting up the large community garden involved matching veggies by color, naming and fine motor skills as kids placed the food in the slots. Everyone got their own “basket” to collect vegetables by rolling the die and placing a veggie of corresponding color–red tomato, orange carrot, yellow pumpkin, and purple eggplant–on his strip representing his basket.  If a player rolls the mole, he places it in a slot of his basket and has to wait until another mole roll to remove it. Lots of learning takes place as kids learn vocabulary, naming colors, understanding directions involving a negative consequence, the mole, and beginning strategy. The whole family loved this game.