Janod_Pleximemo%20Farm%20Memory%20GameCome on down to the farm for a clever memory game, combining scenes with their associated animal, truck or garden object. What goes with the pile of hay, the doghouse, stable, or hen house? A pitch fork, dog horse and hen or course. The fun twist to this game is that kids turn over a picture tile and reach into the bag of clear Plexiglass squares to place over the matching picture. If they make a match the cards are theirs and they get another turn. As we played with a family, we realized that the Plexiglass pictures were printed in mirror image on the other side making it a task for spatial orientation, a skill required for reading. The 2 moms were the ones who took a little time on that, as one said, “See, it’s challenging for adults too!” This fun variation on the classic memory game builds skills in visual memory, recognition, spatial orientation and association as kids look for what goes with the farmer, cow, or pig. Building vocabulary and linking words by association are important language skills for later reading and writing.