Kinetic sand had been the source of hours of play at home and the classroom and now it is offering scents to add to the sensory experience. The names inspire fun dramatic play,  Cherry Fizz (red), Sour Apple (green), Vanilla Cupcake (white) and Chocolate Swirl (brown), as kids can squish and form their cupcake or smoothie treats or combine scents for a chocolate vanilla scoop of ice cream. I have sat with first grade students at a table of kinetic sand and watched their imaginations run wild as they formed pretend play scenes and objects for the story they were developing. The scents just add another dimension of fun and application to their stories. Kids benefit from engaging in sensory play, often calming their sensory systems so they are more available to learn. Research has shown that children with autism who engaged in sand play showed increased verbal expression, sustained social interaction and spontaneous novel play (Lu, Petersen, Lacroix and Rousseau). All kids can learn and benefit from playing with Kinetic Sand Scents.