LeapFrog continues to provide us with learning fun and has now introduced their new LeapBuilders system where kids learn while building. Kids got right to work constructing their Smart House, connecting blocks to surround the electronic Smart Star cube that receives double sided learning blocks to teach about letters, phonics, objects, greetings and animals. Kids had fun selecting connecting blocks that included a working door and windows, roof, fence, flowers, animal and letter blocks. As a speech pathologist, I love the Question button that offers interactive questions and asks kids to follow directions, building auditory memory. “I see the letters S, S says sssss. Can you make that sound?” “Can you find the letter A?” Animal and object blocks name what is pictured while a little girl pictured on a block offers a greeting, “Hi Mom,” and gives a kissing sound effect. Push the three number buttons to hear music and short learning phrases to teach shapes, numbers and counting. A kindergarten teacher couldn’t wait to use this system with her classroom to teach pre-literacy skills through play!

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