LeapFrog brings a perfect marriage of learning and technology to the reading game. New readers become engaged while learning early phonics fundamentals and practice short and long vowels in text.

After downloading your included audio books on your LeapReader stylus, you’re ready to get started. Books 1-5 focus on consonants and short vowels where each book focuses on a single short vowel. Books 6-10 reinforce long vowels and the “magic E” at the end of words in each of the five stories.

There are four different modes that help your child read. Touch your LeapReader stylus on the book at the beginning of the page and Hear It. Listening to the story first will familiarize your child with the story and they can follow along identifying familiar words. With dynamic character voices and fun sound effects your child can easily connect to the plot.

There are three different modes on the bottom of each page. Touch your stylus to the colored diamonds to Say It, Sound It, or Spell It. In Say It mode, the LeapReader says the spoken word. This mode was great for words that “break the phonemic rules.” In Sound It mode, words were broken down or segmented by sound, which assisted with decoding and then blending. With these three great options, our 5-year old toy tester started their learn-to-read journey.

The LeapReader was key in building core phonics skills by reinforcing sound-to-letter correspondence for consonants and vowels. With repetition and practice, children will learn to read and develop more confidence. With over 150 books in the LeapReader library and additional content available to download such as songs, fun facts, and trivia, LeapFrog’s awesome reading system can grow with your child as their reading fluency and confidence grow.

Available at Target, Walmart, and Amazon