Children learn vocabulary through every day experiences and books. The “Learning Friends 100 Words Book” can build a child’s early vocabulary through interactive play while a cute turtle, monkey and tiger teach words in 12 categories including mealtime, clothes, my body and vehicles. Three play modes introduce words in English or Spanish, give fun facts or play music and sounds. Tap the apple picture and hear, “Apple”, and a crunch sound or touch a lemon and hear it named followed by a pucker noise. Touch the nose and hear, “We use our nose to smell. Mmm something smells delicious, Ahchoo!” In that seemingly simple response, a child associates the word with a body part, hears “nose” in a small sentence in relation to other words, learns new vocabulary–smell, delicious,–and can even have some fun imitating a sneeze! This book teaches more than just 100 words. They are presented in the context of a child’s experience so kids learn more language and build their understanding to prepare for expressing themselves verbally and connecting with their world!

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