Bababoo and friends is a beautifully crafted wooden toy line from Europe. The Little Castle Pound and Roll toy is sustainable product that teaches cause and effect, hand-eye coordination and motor skills, color recognition, and allows for rich parent-child interaction to develop language skills.

Bababoo and friends works to merge playtime with storytelling. Storytelling, or narrative development is the ability to comprehend and express stories, which is vital to conversation and even predicts later academic success. Caregivers will find a story card inside, which provides background on characters, setting, intentions, and allows for meaningful discussion of the toy’s features.

The Little Castle Pound and Roll Toy encourages hand-eye coordination and motor skills as children pound three colored balls through holes to drop them inside the castle. This simple action teaches cause and effect – an important stage in child’s play and learning. A quiet bell is at the castle exit, which provided another opportunity to learn cause and effect and further develop social and communication skills.

This toy provided multiple opportunities for play. Caregivers promoted color matching, grasping and placing, and used language to describe, comment, and enhance their child’s play. The Little Castle Pound and Roll Toy provided opportunity for quality parent-child engagement, as they conversed on characters, their actions, and used varying vocabulary during play. These are the quality interactions that promote language development and improve social-emotional connection.

The Little Castle Pound Toy is a multifunctional, high quality toy that encourages storytelling, language development, motor skills, and learning through play.

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