It’s been my experience over the last 40 years working with kids that they LOVE a play house. “My Little House” is no exception as it is little enough for preschoolers but big enough for them to get active inside and create some big stories! My 5 year-old friend jumped right in setting up this 3D, 4 paneled, 8 eight room felt house while applying  and moving accessories to match her story. Designed by a speech language pathologist, this house has the potential for great depth in learning across many dimensions–receptive and expressive language, multi-sensory and social language. My friend set up the house in an open format and literally moved right in. Each room has so many felt accessories to press on the house to expand the story, build vocabulary, and inspire dialogue. We started in the kitchen, with the stove, refrigerator, canisters, clock, and prep table.  Accessories’ details encourage language description like the stove with different pots, salt and pepper and a turkey roasting in the oven while a bunny is nibbling under the table with his food bowl close by. As a speech therapist, so many possible language lessons came to mind inspired by the little felt props. How exciting to have a play house that was created to intentionally encourage so many language skills–shapes, size, opposites, location, or what’s missing? Full and empty bowls, small, bigger, biggest canisters, 1-2-3 bottles, or under/on the table. It might be fun to bring some figures to the house who can add action to their daily activities. My Little House is a wonderful addition to anyone’s playroom as well as an educator/therapist’s tool bag. When Mom told my little friend it was time to go home she said, “Wait, I’m not through stickering!”

Available at Smartfelt Toys. Click here