Bath time is a favorite time for kids and parents alike! As a speech-language pathologist, I always advise parents to use those daily routines (like bath time!) as a language and word learning opportunity. Combining a classic toy, like puzzles, with bath time makes learning even more fun!

The mesh carrying tote holds 5 different underwater themed puzzles and 17 different pieces. We started by scattering a few of the pieces into the bath and asking our toddler toy tester to identify pieces by creature. She sifted through the floating puzzles pieces to find and group animals that were the same.

“Find all the turtles and put them on the wall….” Then our 2 year old worked to fit the pieces together and stuck them on the wall. She used her gross motor skills, or larger muscles like shoulders to reach on the wall for her magically sticky pieces. It was a great opportunity to provide a rich language environment and practice prepositions to improve spatial awareness.

“Put the mermaid’s hand next to her elbow,” or “The fish’s tail fits behind her,”were some of the directions we provided.

Children can also practice counting with each of the 5 puzzles. One whale… 2 octopuses… 3 mermaids, etc. There are 5 different shapes with the corresponding number that fit into the puzzles. It was fun to watch the shapes float in the bathtub as our toddler used problem solving and spatial skills to find the matching shape. As she used more of a trial and error approach, she practiced fine motor skills to twist and turn the shape to fit.

Magical Mermaids Bath Puzzles are a great learning supplement to a bath time water adventure. Kids can practice fine and gross motor skills, as well as learn new words, shapes, and counting.

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