Join your child as he charts his day with “Make My Day,” observing, planning and later reflecting on the day’s events and subsequent feelings. Kids love to turn the knobs to select the date, season, weather and appropriate clothes to wear. Each category stimulated conversation about why or why not we would make certain selections. Kids select how they are feeling with varied options like ready, happy, excited, tired or nervous. Take them a step further and ask, “Why?” After determining their mood, kids can declare their plan for the day, to read, help out or just have fun! My favorite is the last dial when children reflect on what happened since morning, from a double-scooped ice cream cone “Great Day!” to a dropped scoop “Bad Day.” I thought this section required some explanation with my little toy testers but they got it right away. When I asked why it was a “So-so Day,” knowing that a little guy had had a lot of fun that day he said, “Because Ben chased me at the park and I didn’t like it.” I guess that tipped the scales. I knew this was a hit when little ones searched for the chart in the morning and said, “Hey we have to do our day!”

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