beach_house_2_web_large-540x540Kids got right to work, snapping the 16 magnetic house panels together to create the perfect beach house. Lots of chat went on while our little friends revised their plan for Malia’s Beach House, using the triangular roof option for the stairs to “slide” down from the top floor.  The bunk beds had to move upstairs, the pool became a wall (go figure) and cushions served as a mini-spa for the cats, dog and bunny. The 40 magnetic accessories take the two figures, Malia and Skyler, to the beach, pool, school, garden or bed or can adorn many of the StoryWalls. We loaded up the dolls with the camera, cell phone, and backpack to go off to school and then grabbed the beach bag, sunglasses, hat and dog to visit the beach. The story continued to evolve and change as the house and accessories did. This toy does just what we want it to–be flexible enough to generate different directions of play and storytelling but let the child lead the play to gain the most learning. A perfect intersection of engineering and language learning, Build and Imagine builds skills while constructing.

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