7118c1oJ8dL._SL1500_I am asked for toy suggestions most often for the toddler set, as parents seems stumped as to what would interest their new little investigator. “Matching Game Who Lives Where?” is perfect for play and exploration with HABA’s high quality, chunky stand-up elephant, giraffe lion, zebra, monkey and hippo who can hang out together for some pretend play or retreat to their houses. Un-nest the six abodes and match to the animal by seeing the color and texture clue on one side or the scene of their animal in its habitat on an other side. There is plenty to talk about to encourage language development as the animals go “in” and “out” or flip the houses over to stack them in a tower, completing a tall tree on one side, or counting dots on another side. Lots of learning is embedded in this toddler toy and HABA’s attention to detail gives kids a rich play experience!

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