Kids love to play mommy and daddy, acting out that special role, inventing conversation and dialogue while spinning their own story. Mealtime Magic Interactive Dolls, Mia and Maya are the perfect companions for this pretend play that elevates language learning with their 70+ sounds and reactions. Start with some play as you tilt Maya back and forth and she responds, “Wee!” I love her giggles and she even blows the raspberries with her tongue slightly out. Now it’s time to eat. Scoop the light up spoon into the food out of the heart shaped, colored food art and touch the end of the spoon to Maya’s upper lip to hear “Broccoli, yum” or “Blueberries, yummy” in response to the teal and then blue lit up spoon. Little ones will learn what foods Maya likes and dislikes as well as combinations of foods when she says, “Yum, Sour or Yuck.” Burping is so realistic as you hold Maya upright on your shoulder and press her back button 6 times or more. As with all babies, make sure she burps or she might get fussy! Tickling is fun and easy as you press her chest button to get her to laugh. With all that fun, it’s time for a nap. Offer her the bottle or pacifier and she will close her mouth around it and make realistic sucking sounds. Rock her to sleep on her back and she starts to snore. She’s had a busy day. Sit her up and she wakes up for another day of eat, play and love.

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