BKG24This set is a perfect baby gift that will grow with your child. Soft and tiny (9 1/2″), Miss Pink Star is huggable with plenty of spots to hang on to her arms, legs, pointed hat or dress. It’s important for this lovey to be transportable to experience all that goes on in the life of a baby or toddler. Since my little friends are at the age of “tasting” everything, she got a little wet but no worries. She is machine washable. Kids loved exploring her eyes, nose and mouth with their little fingers and covering her up with the soft, roll-up blanket. Since pretend play begins around 1 year of age, Miss Pink Star with her blanket provides a lot of fun with a game of peek-a-boo and night-night. Early language is stimulated as parents and caregivers describe the child’s actions in pretend play. Older sister came by and gave her endorsement, “She smells like cupcakes!”

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