Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Bath Fresh RivieraKids are attracted to water and babies so be sure to bring Mon Premier Bebe Bath Fresh Riviera along to the beach or pool this summer (the bathtub will do too!) My little 3 year-old friend marched right to the sink to fill the Corolle Bath Tub for a little splashing fun. She was so cute as she carefully closed the doll’s eyes before submerging her and enjoyed making some waves for the little rubber duck accessory. Our little baby continued to smell like Corolle’s signature vanilla scent even after getting wet, and her special polystyrene “beads” air dried quickly for land play. She is so life-like and poseable that I bet she can try most strokes or just lounge in the water. Her supple body makes for an easy take along friend as our doll went from bath to stroller to bedtime, often hanging on by just an arm. Little friends learn language by imitating activities of adults in their lives and babies are of high interest. Who knew learning could be so much fun?

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