Bild für die Haba FirmenfamilieKids loved following the story , as the animals made their way to the top of the 9 stacked cubes. Little cues in the beautiful illustrations help you match the rope ladder, dangling rope from a hot air balloon and ladder as the donkey, sheep, pig, dog, cat, rooster and hen climb up to reach the little chick at the top. Rotate your completed tower to a new side and count down from 9 as farm objects are pictured–milk pails, bees, socks on the laundry line or watering cans–ready to count. Take another turn to describe the different animals outside their homes, while the final side pictures a rose vine making its way up the tower with decreasing numbers of flowers on each cube. The colorful illustrations invite lots of conversation and description as kids build their tower, and of course knock it down!

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