41E2-9KiI2L._AA160_Nancy B’s AquaScope is part of a family of science tools by Educational Insights, designed to interest young girls, 8 years and up, in science. Kids are fascinated with water since birth, so the AquaScope takes them to the next level, magnifying by 5 creatures, algae, bugs, sediment, or larvae in a pond, stream, lake or river. Bring your sample to dry land or take a look on site but always have an adult with you. Our friends loved stirring up the sentiment at the bottom of pond water and examining a floating flower. The Underwater Wonders Activity Journal takes this tool to a higher learning level, asking kids to compare changes, write out their explanations, estimate lengths and even create a story of an adventure as a shrunken “you” floating down a stream atop your AquaScope. Brainstorm adaptations you would need to live underwater and draw yourself in that setting,  study living creatures in the water and record your observations for each, or examine underwater plants, using three words to describe them. Kids are so engrossed in examining and exploring that they don’t realize they have just participated in a healthy science and language lesson, observing, recording, describing, comparing, inferring, and problem solving! Of added value is that children are asked to participate with an adult so lots of conversation ensues as discoveries are made.

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