Peaceable Kingdom creates amazing games that foster collaborative play, camaraderie and language skills. In Narwhal Waterfall, players work together to get all 5 narwhals safely across the icy river before the waterfall drop. Kids enjoy cooperation, communication, strategic thinking, and a bit of thrill as the waterfall cascades off the table!

The collaborative approach nurtures teamwork while kids practice shared decision-making. They’re using language and communication skills to negotiate with others, share their opinions and consider others’. Players discuss strategies, share ideas, and collectively decide on what to do next. These discussions help to develop conversational skills, learning to express ideas clearly, and respecting others’ opinions.

There’s a great dynamic aspect of the game that makes it different every time you play. Each player is randomly dealt a “special action” card that can be used once throughout the game. It’s almost like a secret power that they can use to help the group. Special actions like “freeze the waterfall” or “move at double speed” can all help win the game.

Success is in the group planning and strategy of the game. Players must strategize their moves, count spaces, and plan ahead to ensure the narwhals reach safety. This dynamic mix of counting and strategic thinking sharpens their ability to plan and think critically.

Narwhal Waterfall navigates the waters of cooperation, communication, and strategic planning. By emphasizing shared decision-making, conversation, negotiation, and the pursuit of common goals, this dynamic game transforms playtime into life skills.

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