“New York Day & Night” delights children and their adult readers, filled with contrasts, surprises and visual transformations as they are taken on a tour of the city that never sleeps. Each New York City landmark begins with a clear night time image surrounded by blue on the plastic overlay page such as a rocket ship or alien flying saucer. Just turn the page to daytime to reveal the Empire State building or  Guggenheim Museum, matching in outline, but surprising the reader . Once kids realized the puzzle to figure out as they turned the “night” page to day, they started to guess what the shape represented in the New York City landscape. A spooky monster turned into the face of Brooklyn’s elevated railroad,  and a running gangster became a hurried commuter. A favorite among my listeners was Darth Vader’s transformation. But I will leave that for you to guess. I can see art teachers, classroom teachers and therapists enjoying expanding on this book to choose New York City attractions to learn about and share with the class or even draw and make their own contrast from night to day. Maybe the message here is things just aren’t what they appear to be!

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