NogginSeek PhotoHang on babies! SmartNoggin has given us a new milestone maker which is loaded with fun learning. “NogginSeek” is a cognitive rattle ready to teach our little ones to look,  listen and locate sound as they check out that cute face and listen to the balls swirl around the head. Babies progress through batting, reaching, grabbing, and eventually shaking NogginSeek learning cause-effect as they realize when they shake, they make noise. Produced by developmental therapist, Marcia Haut, this rattle is filled with potential skill building activities spelled out in the accompanying Parent Guide. Throughout each activity, narrate for your baby what is happening to build language skills associated with what they are looking at. “You turned NogginSeek upside down. The balls are swirling in the head. You’re chewing on the yellow ear on his head. The red and white striped tube slides down.” and so on. The disappearance of all the balls but one, and subsequent reappearance when baby rotates the rattle, demonstrates they still exist. This concept of object permanence is helpful when mommy is out of sight and kids know she still exists! SmartNoggin products are perfect for new moms with all the parenting/play tips included, but experienced moms also tell me these are their favorite toys to pack in the diaper bag!

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