07543My little friend dove right into this puzzle declaring, “I’m looking for all the parrots” It was fun to see him discover the counting element, “Wait, 8, there’s numbers in here!” In Ravensburger’s new 80 piece puzzle for 5 years and up, they take advantage of kids fascination with numbers, counting and anumals. As he saw the top and bottom border which counts forward and back respectively, he said, “Wait, I got it, 1-2-3.” He enjoyed gathering pieces according to the animal group and then counting and finding the associated number. Giraffes, zebras, monkeys, geese, lions and meerkats hang out in groups with their corresponding numbers. Talking abounds as kids are searching for specific pictured pieces, “a rosy cheek,” “a giraffe’s ears” or “a seal’s tail.” Kids engage in plenty of fun learning, building their spacial, fine motor and verbal skills as they complete this puzzle and proudly put it on display!

Available at Ravensburger