Enter the enchanting world of Oggsmore Keep, where creativity and learning take center stage. Oggsmore Keep by Squaregles, is a gateway to magnetic construction, imaginative storytelling, language development and creativity.

Oggsmore Keep includes 38 pieces for building, creating, and storytelling. Every set of Squaregles includes the stars of the show, also known as the Oggs and Erggs. The spiral staircase, square frames, edge frames, clips, and additional accessories give builders the tools for creation and magic.

Oggs and Erggs each have their own personalities, strengths, and are super adaptable (a great life skill!). Kids mix and match their hats and helmets, their heads are removable and great for rolling around if you’re creating a marble run path. Squaregles fans always seem to pick a favorite and love role playing, which fosters empathy and social-emotional resilience.

Building with Squaregles is also a tactile experience that refines fine motor skills and introduces children to basic engineering principles, teaching them how different elements fit together for a sturdy build. Kids practice revisions and create their own challenges as they unfold their own stories.

The real magic of Oggsmore Keep lies in the fusion of building and storytelling. Children have the opportunity to construct the castle (in different configurations) and then bring life into it through imaginative play. Building becomes a means of expression as they create the backdrop for their own adventures, enhancing their creative thinking and narrative skills.

Oggsmore Keep: A Castle Saga is a perfect set on its own or as an expansion set with other Squaregles products. Through magnetic construction, storytelling, pretend play, and language development, it empowers young minds to explore, create, and communicate. It’s a castle where imagination reigns, and education becomes an adventure waiting to unfold.

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