TGC-0021 story book_HRJoin Lily and her best friends, Charlotte and Ella, as they explore all the possibilities for fun activities on their playdate. 871 stickers are provided for stick-on fun as little girls personalized their books and created their own story. Little authors had plenty to choose from as they added dresses, hats, shopping bags, money, and bows to the Ooh La La Boutique page, cupcakes, donuts and ice cream to the table at the Sweet Shop and birds, balloons, seesaws, pails and a water fountain to the picnic page. Stickers are grouped by category for easy selection—boutique, painting, dance, pool, backyard, bedroom, pajama party, playground, picnic, garden, Sweet Shop and park–but the fun comes when they cross boundaries and a butterfly comes into the boutique or a bucket dunks in the pool. Making the book is just half the fun as the finished product is so well known to the author that she can “read” it to others, practicing language skills as she shows off her work!