Kids love to paint rocks so now they can learn the essential elements of a story, plan illustrations that fit those categories, paint and create a story telling game! MindWare’s instruction guide is full of inspiration for decorating your story stones. What elements do we want to picture for a well rounded story? We need characters, places (setting), plot, conflict, objects and characters to help solve the problem, and an ending (resolution). Your story stones could reflect a theme such as a fairy tale, a mystery, or a trip undersea, to the mountains, desert, or space and so on. Kids had no difficulty coming up with items to paint. Once the artists are done, you pop the completed stones in the oven for 30 minutes (adult supervision needed for this step) and let them cool. Then load your story stones bag, pull one stone out at a time and start your tale. This set is an excellent way to teach kids the components of a story as kids paint options for each element, mix up the stones and then construct their story, building language skills that contribute to reading and writing proficiency.

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