Pandas PicnicPanda has invited you to go on a picnic of learning with your toddler. Grab the picnic basket of treats and tablecloth and take off to your lunch spot, outside or inside. Before the game begins, familiarize your child with the different food items from blueberries, pasta and asparagus to a chocolate chip cookie or blue popsicle. Set the table with your plates, and don’t forget one for Panda! Each player picks a color and tries to draw a food  piece that matches that color  and shape to add to her plate. When your plate is full, you win, but with any good toddler game, play can veer off into a terrific story in pretend play any time which is wonderful too. Kids are learning colors and shapes, naming foods, and building early language skills through fun picnic play.

Available at Peaceable Kingdom/MindWare. Click here