“No job is too big” for Robo Dog and his preschool playmates. My little friend spotted the box and just stood by it until we opened it up. He immediately found all the special openings, drop down door in the back to give pups a ride, side door to reveal 3 slots to store vehicles and pups ready for action with a push of a lever, pop up pad for mission cards and pull down windshield to place your driver. The mission card pictures are great story starters as they picture someone in need of rescue–a cat in a tree or boat out in the water. Our Mission Cruiser went out to “the castle in a thunderstorm” pictured on one of the cards. My 4 year-old spun a story about Chase going to the castle where the bad girl stole the crown and he was put in jail.” The other pups came to rescue him. This Mission Cruiser is multi-purpose as it is a great prop for language learning through pretend play involving storytelling, solving problems and dialogue while also providing a storage unit for pups, vehicles and mission cards. Kids can be more creative in their storytelling when all the props are at hand.

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