Kids’ play takes on big dimensions with this newest Paw Patrol pretend play fire truck that is huge in the eyes of preschoolers. I set this fire truck down on the table in a 4 year-old preschool and many hands got to work, playing out a “put out the fire” scenario. They turned on the siren and lights and the pups were ready to take on any adventure. With so many features on this big truck, several kids were entertained and encouraged to create their story at the same time. Launch water cannons from the raised cab or the rear of the truck, raise the ladder for high rise jobs, pivot and rotate the claw on the side of the truck to help out, or bring the mini fire cart down the ramp to guide the hose close up. There are so many features and accessories to guide a child’s story as they give the pups an assignment and carry it out. Kids practice storytelling during pretend play that later feeds into reading and writing skills, getting them ready for school.

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