“The Big Book of Activities for Little Kids” by Highlights includes 200+ screen free activities for every busy, curious, and active kiddo. With 12 different categories, there is something for everyone and awesome repeat play value packed inside. There’s opportunity for creating, pretending, singing, moving, cooking, reading, exploring and so much more!

Highlights knows the importance of learning through play and the discovery of new ideas and experiences. Each activity is thoughtfully crafted to provide opportunities for children to engage their senses, explore their environment, and interact with others in meaningful ways. From imaginative play prompts to hands-on craft projects, the book encourages children to communicate, problem-solve, and collaborate while having fun.

Playful kiddos practiced a number of communication skills as they tried activities from the Big Book. They followed directions to make silly snacks and healthy meals (kid food critics gave the 5 P’s Pasta 5 stars!), made predictions for a sink or float science experiment, learned new words and vocabulary when singing songs, and read stories too. All of this play provided a natural context for language use, allowing children to practice communication skills in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

Whether engaged in pretend play scenarios, describing the shapes and colors of objects in a scavenger hunt, or matched words to movements, children had countless opportunities to expand their vocabulary, improve their sentence structure, and enhance their social communication skills.

Each activity in the book introduces children to new concepts, vocabulary words, and real-world connections, enriching their language development and expanding their cognition.

“The Big Book of Activities for Little Kids” by Highlights is a valuable resource for parents and caregivers. Its focus on learning through play and the discovery of new ideas and experiences, provides a rich and engaging learning environment for children of all abilities.

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